Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best eco-friendly to replace the single usage of plastic products for reasonable and affordable rates . Creating healthy lifestyles for the future generations .

Life example :
Every one is thinking that they should give better lifestyle to their children than they lived and a wealthy lifestyle , but they are not thinking about the healthy life style, if they don’t have health how they are going to enjoy their wealth.
Lets stop usage of single usage plastics . if you can not stop at least reduce the usage of it and try to recycle it.
Please lets try to provide a healthy lifestyle to next generations. Goal Keeping in mind about coming generations we are planning to Create sustainable lifestyle. It is our goal. Problem?
Problem is this most of the landfills and oceans are filled up with billions of tons of plastic .
What we are doing ? nothing Who cares ? no one cares only few people cares even though they care Can they be able to do something ? no they are not able to do they can do very little because change should come in everyone.
Every one is thinking that why for us or my just one single plastic bottle or straw will effect ? no it wont Why it wont it will effect 7.5 billion is the population lets say average is 4 billion per day if some or other disposes some plate or straw or bag 4 billion items are disposing per day .

Think about 365 days. How much it would be .
you guys will not time to think about all these everyone is busy in their lifestyle , being busy is good but not that one day you will be regret that am I one of the cause to destroy this planet and water bodies people think they can be recycled but it wont be possible it costs more.
Initially may be you are paying very less but finally you will be ending up with more Governments and private companies are spending billions of dollars on recycling but the rate is very less which can be considered as zero .
We agree you guys are so busy you don’t have time for all these then please stop using single usage plastics instead use eco friendly and compostable so that it will not harm anything , Through where ever u want to dump where ever it may be some what better than single usage plastic because it will be decomposing with in 6 months .

Problem we are facing ?
Yes you may think that our prices are high , we are not selling it intentionally to gain more profits or to do something become millionaire or billionaires with this we are trying to provide you the best price that we can do , our bulk order prices and whole sale prices are different .
We are facing problem in logistics main cost is shipping than manufacturing that’s it is coming a little expensive than it can be. We are working with all possible solutions and companies to provide you the best price as low as possible and close to the single usage plastics with the same quality.
We donate 10% of profit to non profit organizations for kids and schools.
We don’t need to explain or tell about this but we are telling you openly there is no reason to hide we are doing business very transparent .